Friend-Ship Sails: Today,Tomorrow and Always!

It is easy to find friends, but not so easy to truly cherish friendship for a long time. Some people are blessed to have true friends. They stick to each other through the thick and thin of their lives, even with geographical distance or time!

But not all are lucky to have such long lasting friendships. However, I know two such chaddi-buddy friends – Ram and Shyam, who have been together since a very long time …since they started counting numbers on their fingers.

Ram and Shyam went to the same school. They played together, cycled together, learnt together, partied together, cricket-ed together, beach-ed together, tuition-ed together, naughty-ed together, movie-ed together, entrance-d together, GRE-ed together, foot & volley ball-ed together; …and together they grew up!

As a boy, Ram’s dream was to play for India at the Olympics captaining the volley ball team. Every day, before going to bed, he encourages himself by looking at the certificates won in Class 5 & 6 for running race, frog jump and volley ball. He pats himself giving a self reminder, “I am born to win Olympic medals for India. Volley ball comes first, math and science to follow!”

Listening to these fancy dreams, Shyam laughs rolling on the floor, “Hahaha… of all the people in world, you ...and Olympics medal??!!! You think they give it for free at the stall? Oh my god, lemme laugh out louder!!”

Like most of the grand dads, even Shyam’s grandpa could never help boasting, “Listen Raamu, My grand-son is a genius in mathematics; the 'Ramanujan' of our family! Not like you, he aims at studying only in IIT. He is really working hard at it.”

Ramu replied politely, “Yes Thatha, I know... he is the most hard-working boy in class.” And in his mind, “Hahaha… Very much true – Hardly working boy! Shyam in IIT?!! Hoo.. Hahahahaaa!!”

Days passed, years passed. Now, where are they?

Ram never reminded himself of Olympic medals and Shyam realized IIT admission is not the ultimate thing in life. They engineered, mastered in science and got hired in the same company. Life was never very different even then. They continued to learn and grow together.

Ram got married. Shyam also got married. Their wives became friends. Then they became sisters. Ram and Shyam became brothers to each others’ wives. They live close by, just a screech apart. Now, together they say, “Friendship is such a beautiful thing, beyond blood relation and relatives!”

Even I am so proud of this friendship, because one of them is my husband and the other; my brother!


anoop said...

cool. that's very nice! So who among Ram and Shyam is your husband? :P

Shalini Surendran said...

He is the one who aspired to become an IIT-ian; but later realized the grapes are really sour! ;) ;)

Tyrant said...

Awesome. So why did he drop the idea of becoming an IIT-ian? Because of you?

Shalini Surendran said...

Poor me, is never the culprit ;)

Shiva said...

This is like the ideal in a friendship! Lucky you!! :)

Anonymous said...

A very easy guess haan!


sajinrp said...

Gotcha!! i think i knw Ram n Shyam..
Ram works in ma team !!
lol !!

Shalini Surendran said...

@Shiva - Thanks! :)
@G3 - so, what is ur easy guess? ;)
@Sajin - Yup!

All you - Thanks for posting ur comments :)

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