Virgo Lady's Self Analysis

The sun sign specialist says this is how a Virgo Woman behaves. …and I found it almost close to precision. Here is the case study! :)

Point # 1: She can be very demanding and fussy.


That was one heck of a Saturday morning! Every centimeter of the house was either dusted / wiped. Every misplaced thing got back to its residence – Magazines, bills, documents, CDs, first aid, cables, books, wires, board games, bags, clothes, …everything!! After hours of cleaning, I stuck post-its at every vantage point – “
Please don’t mess up” “Used socks – here” “Old Magazines – not here
Snacking not permitted” and an important message too - God loves tidy house and the house-keeper”!

That was when he rang the door-bell after his weekend dose of tennis. I ran to the door and said, “Watch your steps. Look around and tell me, howz it?”
“Huh, but I don’t see anything around!
Irritated at him not noticing the extra bit of cleanliness, I said very gravely,
“I have broken my back cleaning the house. So, I want everybody in the house to…”
“Everybody? You, Me and Mustache uncle in the opposite apartment?”
“Grrr… Okay I want 'you' to follow some simple rules”
“One by one – What is rule no. 1?”
“From today, either you stop using the electronic remotes in the house or you keep them neatly in the order of their length. See… here is where you are supposed to keep them.”
“Quite do-able and interesting… Go ahead. Rule 2?”
“Follow the Post-its and…”

I heard some “karu-muru” noise. I almost fainted seeing him eat murukku and sonpapadi, shredding it all over the vacuum-cleaned-carpet! I decided – I am gonna bury myself under the blanket, without crumbling the bedspread!

(I imagined myself in his shoes – Swear, I would have strangled me!)

Point # 2: You should feel blessed to have such a charming female who never makes your house look like a garbage dump.

Proof: Point 1 says it all…!!

Point # 3: They will demand total perfection from you.


She was helping me make salad for dinner. I gave the instructions (like the Taj Chef!)

1. Spread a sheet of newspaper (Mind you - Not today’s)

2. Use the lemon yellow chopping board (not the dark yellow)

3. Onions should be cut nicely (should not stick to each other when dipped in curd)

4. Green chillis should be cut vertically (not in circles)

5. Carrot should be cut into small pieces (yet bigger than the chopped onion)

6. Cucumber – in cubes (minus its skin and the middle portion)

7. Should be mixed in the glass bowl (kept in the right corner shelf above the microwave)

8. Keep back the used things (where they belong to).

9. If you have spilled / dropped anything, use Collin and wipe the table NEATLY.

Point # 4: Virgo woman - she has guts and lots of them.


On a tiring, boring and a frustrated evening, I decided to take out all my irritation on this motorcyclist who was riding on the footpath, that too on the opposite side of the road! We met face to face. Like Amrishpuri (on the bike), he stared at Anil Kapoor (that is me), a fuming pedestrian. “
When the whole of B’lore is waiting on the road, what is your special urgency? Don’t you have even the slightest common sense?”, I screamed at him.

Came the reply,
“Eanu? Nimake ean bekku? S
walpa dari bidi” (What? What do you want? Give my way!)

I could feel the fumes coming out of my ears. Two reasons – 1) I could not reply in Kannada. 2) I failed to convey the degree of my anger to him. (By any chance, did I expect him to pee in his pants?! ;)

Yet I decided to not give up. I did not move an inch.
(You know how wide footpaths in B’lore are!) He finally turned and went away saying, “Gala Bila Gala Bila Gala Gala Bila….” I assumed it to be, “Bloody female!! Hope she falls into a pit before she reaches home!” So, this time I was extra careful while stepping onto each of the concrete slab on the footpath! “Yeah, the evening is turning out to be eventful”, I told myself.

Point # 5: She cannot tolerate someone using abusive language, coming late, dressing sloppily, not minding table manners, etc.


Of the listed, the least bearable is ‘coming late’.

I hate Indian Standard Time, where 9 a.m. is even 9 p.m. Now you know why I don’t admire Indian Railways! However, I have / had many friends, relatives, cousins, colleagues who are major fans of IST.

Point # 6: A Virgo female is a complete woman!
…whatever said and done! :)


Anonymous said...

"Old Magazines – not here” - Hilarious! I love the way you narrate things. Just discovered ur blog. Yet to read older posts.
BTW, one more point to be added - Virgo girls are extremely humorous and creative.


The Layman said...

Oh! I know a virgo girl, actually more... and boy can they be fussy :)

But love the part where they say "complete woman" :)

Shalini Surendran said...

@Preeth - Thank You!

@ The Layman - Trust me, they are more sweet; hence the fussy part can be neglected! ;)

Shiva said...

" I decided – I am gonna bury myself under the blanket, without crumbling the bedspread!" - How is it possible? :)

Nacha said...

lmao! Has got to be one of ur funniest! :)) Keep them coming!

Shalini Surendran said...

@Shiva - well, that is an art! ;)
@Nacha - Thanks Buddy!

Divya Rajiv said...

wo.....was that all u....em...are u the same shalini from GRD ..i mean ur face looks similar...but the blog portrays some one new....so asking???/wink

Shalini Surendran said...

Divs - 10 points to you! ;) ;)

Mahesh said...

That made some interesting reading,u should consider going back to journalism

Shalini Surendran said...

- Oh Danks! :)

Deepak said...

Is this supposed to be a self realisation technique or is it meant for someone else to take down points about u so that he can be more carefull.... :)
Well your last points sums it all up.. A complete woman.. Truly womanly cant be understood.. :)

Good one.. :)

Shalini Surendran said...

Hi Deepak...

Welcome to my mind's diminutive corner! :)
On ur comment, yeah.. either ways - self realization or sharing imp tips with others! :)
I am not doubtful at all - Virgo women are complete / absolute women! :) :)

Humble Me! :)

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