P as in Phoebe

Reporter: What's your name?
Pheobe: Pheobe. That's, P, as in Phoebe, H, as in Heobe, O as in Oebe, E, as in Ebe, B, as in Bebe, and E as in... Ello.

This is fun.

Reporter: What’s your name?
Sigma: Sigma. That’s, S, as in Sigma, I, as in Igma, G, as in Gigma, M, Magma, A as in Aama…!!!

Reporter: What’s your name?
Chimmu: Chimmu. That’s, C, as in Chimmu, H, as in Himmu, I, as in Immu, M, as in Mumu, M, Moomoo, U as in Uoooo…!!!

Sigma & Chimmu – Two important people in my life with entertaining names!

And wondering who Phoebe is?! Well… you haven’t given the best laugh of your life yet! I am a big, big Phoebe fan! How I wish I were a guy and Phoebe, my wife! :)


The Layman said...

How I wish I were a woman and Chandler my husband :)

Phoebe and Chandler rocks.
Ross too but a little too gay :P

Untrodden Thoughts said...

baby, i love joey.... he is too entertaining........... huge fan of joey... wassup??????? :-P

Shalini Surendran said...

The Layman - In fact, I like all the six of them. They are true entertainers.

Untrodden Thoughts - Thanks for stopping by :) ...n yeah, Joey too rocks!

lostworld said...

I am a fan of Phoebe too! Have you watched that episode where she changes her name ?? :-)) Reading your post, that's what came to my mind!


Shalini Surendran said...

Yeah! i love that episode too! :)
Thanks for posting ur comments here.

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