Master Plan

Ayodhya, Babri, CWG - the key words for the week; no doubt!!!

God… 60 years is 6 decades! Is there a more laid back and screwed up thing as our judiciary?! Anyways, I am not here to invite any comments on that!

As I wonder what the hell they have been doing for 60 years, my most intelligent friend proposed this idea! I felt this is brilliant and is worth sharing with all of you.

So, here is the master plan:

Ground Floor – Ram Mandir
First Floor – Mosque
Second Floor – Shopping Mall
Third Floor – Food Court
Fourth Floor – Multiplex theatre
Around the structure – Gandhi Park

Problem solved, right?! Definitely a fabulous, sexy, insightful and a peaceful plan for all the communities across all age group! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this for all this while?!

Keeping fingers crossed… Today is the test of maturity of our nation. Let’s see how far we have progressed – spiritually, politically, emotionally, strategically, personally and intellectually! 


Anonymous said...

yes... keeping fingers crossed!

Haddock said...

I don't think the common man is bothered about the verdict.
It is simply some fanatics (on both sides) that just wait to instigate people, for their own political gains. Its a pity that we fall for it and its also a pity that we don't do the clean up act by electing the right people.

RGB said...

If the media hadn't blown this up, the common man wouldn't even have known that the verdict was 'today'. Interesting master plan though!

Girish said...

Keeping my fingers crossed too!
But there's a slight problem with your funny idea. If u build a mosque in first floor, then hindu fanatics will want a temple to be built there on the first floor and vice versa!
If they build both on the ground floor, they'll fight over the left and right side!!
Anyway I'm hoping there won't be too many fights over the verdict!

Instead of getting worked up over this verdict, our people should strive for the betterment of our nation!
Who cares if u are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or any other!
As long as we are human beings, we are all equal!

Anita :) said...

what a master plan!!! They should make u the chief justice :)
I could assist you :)

dr.antony said...

I strongly object.Jesus Christ had stopped there to do some personal matters on to that wall,on his way to Kashmir,as some people claim.There are some remnants of ours too. So add a small church also in to that list.

And about our courts. My uncle filed a civil case when he was about 30 years of age.He died at the age of 85 years, and by the time his wife and mother died,the case had just reached the Supreme court,against an eviction notice from the High Court !

Deepak said...

Maybe you should add a boxing ring too. Whoever has a problem with the master plan should settle it like men.

I agree with Haddock and RGB. Does the common man even care about the verdict?

The other side of the coin is that this very indifference of the majority of the Indian people is one of the reasons for the sad state of affairs.

Aishwarya V said...

hilarious! how innovative!

$$ said...

@ Anonymous - Now, u can set ur fingers free! :)

@ Haddock - seriously! the only advantage this has brought to the common man crowd that school kids got to stay indoors and play; we adults could escape from office a few hours earlier!

@ RGB - Ignorance is many times a bliss! :)

@ Girish - Oopsss... now, that is a problem statement! Hmmm... will need a master plan for that now!

@ Anita - I love the idea; come... join the team! :)

@ dr.antony - i am rolling on the floor and laughing at ur comment! Come... please join the party! Still anybody out there - sikhs, parsis, jews???!!!

@ Deepak - Boxing ring... as a run up to CWG 2010! :)

@ Aishu - Thanks! :)

Pythoroshan said...

i only have one demand : after ur done in the 1st floor or ground floor, just come up. if you find me passed out in the 3rd floor, just carry me and deposit me in the 4th floor... And vice versa, of course.

Rohan said...
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Rohan said...

Wel the verdict has com and it seems they are going to supreme court now. . So ur plans wont work for another 5 years minimum!! And there should be a light and sound show every night for tourists!!!

raji said...

hehehe great idea ..something similiar has happened ;the only difference is is spread around rather than one on top of another..what say?

dr.antony said...

My mad friend
my religious feelings have been deeply hurt by the comic comments. I was very serious,but you made me laugh. I was thinking of taking you to the court.But then,my grandson has to be reminded of the case when he grows up,and my son refused. You are lucky.

Aparna said...

hehehe :) why u r late giving master plans :P. I think itwas a gud judgment..

Meety said...


$$ said...

@ Pythoroshan - Done! Deal... :) :)
BTW, I loved ur Pizza-Babri connection! :)

@ Rohan - there is scope to build further on the idea!

@ Raji - Exactly! U said it! They could have asked me... Without keeping people wait, I would have given them the solution!

@ dr.antony - yes, i am damn lucky!

@ Aparna & Meety - :) :) :)

Nona said...

So, Kempefort! Is that the idea? :) They have a Siva temple right behind the Total!

Vidya said...

definitely a fabulous idea.....can be implemented if all people set their hearts and brains in the right direction......
Humans should grow up to become constructive rather than destructive.....

Divya Rajiv said...

just one correction...shud b top 2 bottom as....we are not supposed to walk above GOD...The idea is superb:)

phoenikhs said...

Then they will fight over the allocation of floors. Why the Mosque above the Mandir? Is it because Allah is superior to Ram? ...

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