Determination, the ONLY Word!

Today, I am going to write about this girl, whom I would term as “Icon of Determination”. Yes.. none other than my dearest pal – Chimmu Susan Augustine! (I have already written about her in one of the earlier posts)

A brief history about “us”: We crossed our paths years ago, when we met each other in the hostel corridor in Mysore. From batchmates to opposite roomies to friends to best friends, our relationship grew.. to an expression beyond words!

Inspired by the spider, the Scottish king told his men, 'If you don't succeed the first time, try, try and try again'. I have come across this phrase while I was in school. But to me, it was just another sentence which, of course made little sense. But my friend has taken it to heart. In fact this single idiom is the whole of Bible for her.

The Indian civil service exam is a dream for thousands of youth across the country. For a handful, this dream becomes a reality, for very few it is partially fulfilled; but for the rest it remains an unfulfilled dream forever.

The path to becoming an IAS officer is never a bed of roses; it is full of ups and downs - totally a topsy turvy tunnel to pass through. Stretched over 18 months, this indisputably is a strong contestant to be the longest test in the world. The candidates are expected to master absolutely unrelated topics which ranges from geography to sociology to engineering to politics to history to what not??!!! If you bump into somebody who is learning these weird combinations, be sure he is a Civil Services aspirant!!

Chimmu was one of the most sensible students in college, quite matured above age. Yet.. at times she becomes the most pranky girl in hostel. While working with a reputed news channel in Kerala, she decided to chase her dreams. Then, she boldly she quit her job, packed her bags and started for Delhi for IAS coaching. Unaware of sun rise, sun set, winter and summer, she committed all her days towards preparing for the exam. She knows it is a very difficult nut to crack! So the results never could drain out the self confidence and determination in her.

In India.. at least in Kerala, how much ever we argue that girls are at par with boys, it is still a topic to debate! Here, when a girl at the age of 26 says she desires to try her luck with civil service examination (once again), people thinks she has gone crazy. Parents, relatives and friends do nothing to boost her spirits. She is compelled to compromise on her ambitions! They conclude, being a wife and in the process, having kids is the ultimate thing for a girl to achieve in life!

However, Chimmu is lucky to have a supportive family who stands by her all through her expedition. She dedicated one more year for studying.. and this time came out with flying colors! However, not just one; there are several mile stones to cross. Result for the 2nd round of exam is awaited.

Chimmu.. hats off to you! Become an IAS officer or don’t – that is not very important! You will move in life, like always.. as a TOUGH FIGHTER..!!


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