Pink, Yellow, Blue and White!

Only a Chinmayan knows what these colors represent. It opens the door to the pavement of memories, to those days of fun, excitement and laughter. November is the month for music, dance, drama, poetry, art, and what not??!!!! It is the month to keep calculus and organic chemistry aside and bring out every little talent hidden inside you!

Like any other school, we were also divided into four; we call it “house”! Yeah.. definitely it does justice cos hopes and aspirations were erected here, the floor of triumph and failure is school, our second home. The four houses were named “Hamsa Rag”, “Hamsa Geeth”, “Hamsa Dwani” and “Hamsa Nad” (names can be coupled to Indian classical music!).

The academic year begins with sticking chart papers in 4 colors (pink, yellow, blue and white) on the classroom wall, with names of respective members on them. The creators use all their creativity in laying down the names, to make it the most attractive! Even the badges we pinned on to our pocket or duppatta were in the “house” color!

When it comes to competition between houses, every Chinmayan swells to high spirit! Themes for tableau, fancy dress and mime are discussed, songs for western and Indian music are selected, costumes are designed, dialogues are mugged up and skit is rehearsed, bhajans are practiced again, National Anthem is repeated to perfection, contestants for quiz and JAM are chosen, group dance is choreographed; every homework is done with utmost concern! Walk around the corridor during practice sessions, one will only hear the sound of music - piano, drums, violin, guitar, tabala,… and Chinmayans!!

Those days are gone…
Of arguments.. but not deception,
Of competitions.. but never resentment.

I have crossed one more Children’s Week and Children’s Day in the calendar of my life! After school days, November is just another month; there is no amusement and delight, ...there is no reason to smile!

I learnt, I enjoyed,
I won, I lost,
I laughed, I cried,
I fought, I thought.
Those days are gone…

However, the fun I shared with my friends still echo in my ears, and memories like candle in the night!


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