Look, who’s back in town!

I am back, hopefully this time to stay.

While I absconded, what has been happening in the world? Three years is indeed a long time. Everybody’s life has been so eventful.

Sachin Tendulkar decided to stop playing cricket and instead he thought it makes sense to help his wife make rotis for dinner. I think it is truly a fantastic idea to spend quality time with the family.

This NaMo guy became the latest ‘yo boy’ of the country; his name is dragged into every conversation, even if the discussion is on mosquito repellants or extra-terrestrial attack on America.   

While Mohanlal and Mammotty, in their lungis and dothis continue to rule the mallu hearts, I think Fahadh Fassil and his boxers are a welcome change.

One thing, by the way has been a constant – Salman Khan’s virginity!

While all this has been happening, what do you think I was doing? Sun-bathing in Bahamas? Setting up my billion-dollar-company? Writing a film script?

In fact I wanted to do all of them, but I didn't! All I did was nothing, just nothing!

Finally, I have decided to make up for the long silence. Many thanks to this dude Sooraj, a follower of this silly blog. He pleasantly surprised me one day with an email asking why I don’t update this little space with my stories and fundas. He mentioned a lot of things in his email about which I felt nice. Oh… it was yet another moment when I fell in love with myself.

Also, thanks to my very good friend Roshan who helped me get over the inertia and start all over again. He has motivated me to take up this challenge – ie, seven posts in seven days, starting from Sunday. 

Let me see, how well I can fair at it.

See ya soon! 


Nitish said...

Finally you started again, Just simply you gave me smile which i was not having from morning :)

Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

good to see ur doing well so far.. 3/3 for the write tribe posts :D

Welcome back, dear.

Pink Mango Tree said...

@Nitish - thanks a ton buddy! :)

@Roshan - thanks to you!!! And now, 4 more to go. I admit the exercise is interesting but tiring too.. :)

D.Nambiar said...

Hello there!
Somebody's been writing on and off, I see.

You were missed, child. (not that I was writing a whole lot)

Hey and I'm 'in town' for a bit (atleast) we should catch up.

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