Mahabalipuram, Capital of Riches

India exhibits a vivid collection of splendid architecture, which unfurls the glorious episodes of Indian history. In its history of thousands of years, several dynasties who have ruled has contributed a lot to crafting architectural wonders that lie dispersed all over the Indian landscape.

The architectural exquisiteness in the monuments speaks volumes for the aesthetic sense and engineering skills the Indian civilization possess.
Temple architecture in the southern states of India is definitely an enduring charm for everyone!

Recently, I had been to Mahabalipuram, a beautiful town in Kancheepuran district.
It was a port city, ruled by Pallava Kings centuries ago. Though a small town, it makes us proud of the architectural wealth we inherited. The monuments are mostly carved and raised out of a single stone!

There were in fact seven glorious temples built near the sea shore. But this is the lone survivor. The shore temple has been listed among the world heritage sites of the UNESCO.

I wonder how this huge, interesting piece of rock stands on the slope! Amazing; but natural!This is called Krishna’s Butter Ball. The story says that Pallava kings even made elephants try to shift the boulder... but were not able to move an inch! Why did they even make an attempt, I question!!!

Hopefully, very soon I will visit another gorgeous city in India. :-)


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