Email – Always a Boon?

“Email” – a word familiar even to a 2 years old kid! In technical terms, it can be defined as a more up-to-date method of transmitting data, text files, digital photos, and audio and video files from one computer to another over the internet. Yes, we know the advantages - Email has changed the way we do business. It has an edge over other methods of communication. Critical decisions are made in minutes. Compared to telephone calls or faxes it is less expensive.
I’m not here to talk of the pros and cons of emails!

I guess while sending mails, at times people forget that the content in their mail reflect their conduct and character. How one addresses another, tone in the writing style, language, and subject – all of these give a first hand impression about the sender.

I live in a residential community where there are about 400 families! A forum to exchange views, questions and answers is very important in such an environment. From deciding festival celebrations to tackling resident issues, the community makes use of the group mail. Hats off to technology!! But.. some days, when I feel little low at work, instead of opening my favorite Calvin and Hobbes page, I open my community mail (Not an exaggeration)..! People have started exploiting even this! They make use of this to take their personal retaliation. Have they forgotten that the entire community is reading each alphabet what they have typed? Don’t people recheck if the mail makes sense to the recipient?

"quit the circus company” (referring to management committee).
"can you advice me the nearest shop where I can get a bucket and a mug?”
"when my car is in the garage, how do I get to electronic city easily from home?”
“batted breath to your piecemeal mufat ka gyaan”.

I have not seen any of them who send mails to the group. However, many names are familiar to me and I try to associate them with these ‘quotable quotes”. On a Friday evening, while having get-together with friends, we have something more to talk about other than film reviews.

At the same time, I cannot stop without saying “Cheers” to those who take their valuable time to help their neighbors resolve their troubles to make home, really a SWEET home!


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