A Short Story

We live in a funny (rather extremely funny) world where we look out for a reason to celebrate and party - Be it birthday, anniversary, mother’s day… even demolition of Babri Masjid.

Peace treaty between two countries could be a big deal for some! But for individuals like me, there are better things in life to be concerned about. 

So, this blog (written for a reason a year back) would take you through one such incident that brought whole lot of difference to my life.

28 Oct 2006

Dear Diary,

Now it's my turn.., to puke out my emotions!

My wedding (God, they make me feel I'm an oldie!!) used to be the topic of discussion at home, most of the evenings. Even now, it is!! But with a difference, previously, there was only me in the frame… :P

My mom was a very active member in her circle who dealt with horoscope and astrologers! Now that she resides in Sheik Mohammad’s territory, it became highly impossible for her to continue her co-curricular activities. That is when my dearie sister came up with a solution – shaadi dot com! Taan tataang!!!!

My smart brother, to be in mom’s good books, got my profile registered in the site. In fact browsing through the site was a good time pass. It was so much fun to read others' profile and roll on the floor laughing! Some says, "I'm smart, rich, good looking, etc". How can one be so confident of himself?!! Till I got a job, shaadi dot com
 was one of my primary sources of entertainment.

…now our hero enters the scene!! Initially, I was not all that bothered when Amma told about this Chennai guy who will be visited by my cousins in Bangalore. Suddenly I felt things are gonna take a U turn when one of my cousins gave the first set of report to my dad. He was highly impressed after meeting the "chekkan!!" In fact, I still don't know what has made him say "cheese" after the historical meeting!! It was then I opened the site to go through his profile. I saw a guy with a "pranky smile". I learnt that this person is majorly into computers!! Unlike me - cos I like this 'gadget' only to get the net connected. When it comes to technical stuff, I go totally topsy turvy!!

One Friday, dad gave his e-mail id and asked me to initiate the conversation. I'm so very used to addressing my friends informally! In the same mood, I started typing –"Yo Man…!!" The bell suddenly struck and I found myself giggling!! I didn't know what to write to a 100% stranger, especially the purpose being this!! Hee.. again, I opened the shaadi page to scan the guy. It however, made no difference; I decided to say just a hello..!!

That was how it began… and in less than 3 weeks, the no of emails exchanged grew up to more than 500!
The formal mails started getting informal; I felt I started getting breathing space!! My gmail page was kept open throughout. Hope my boss, Mathew will not come across this piece of scribbling! I was least interested in outlook; I kept starring at my personal inbox for his replies. Curiosity could be the reason...!! Or the first timer's excitement!!

It was then decided to break the conventional method of guy meeting the girl. In our case, it was going to be vice-versa! When the journey to Chennai from Dubai was fixed, I was very excited, was looking forward to the one week of pleasure I'm gonna have!! I kept reminding myself, "Shalu.. the purpose of travel is a bit serious; It’s beyond a vacation!!" Heee, I even told my mom, "The outcome will be 'Onnukil Ooty, Allengil Chatti…!!" She just gave me a stare in surprise. Observing this childish attitude, I don't know if she gave the whole episode (of getting her daughter married off) a second thought!!

As the process of mail exchange progressed, my instinct kept giving me this positive buzz, that it's gonna be Ooty and not chatti.!! Heee..!!! I trust my inner voice cos always it comes true… and this time too, it wasn't a different story!!

Started counting the days, it took a long time for ‘The Day’ to come..;-) I dressed up myself in a blue saree!! Looked at myself in the mirror; for a second I felt it's someone else!! It was altogether a different feeling!! The expected special guests came a bit late, heee.. I fell asleep for a while in between!! Out of the blue I had to rub my eyes and get out of the room!!

I was leaning against the dining table scrutinizing the whole place. Actually, it was hard for me to control my smile when I saw him looking here and there, trying to avoid looking at me!! I was thinking, "Enikku illatha naanam enthina eyaalkku??!!" Later only he said he was thinking of some prank sitting beside his sister;-)

We were given time and space to talk, don't know if we utilized it well, cos hardly we spoke anything. Almost everything was told in the mails. Any more questions would be a repetition. Both of us were not interested in that. Anyways, a million dollar question was in store. Tricky guy made it very filmy - asked if I'm motivated to gain weight..!! Yeah, he did say, he would run extra miles every day!! I kept smiling…!! The answer was hidden..:-))

Thus, Kattupakkam became an important place in my life and my uncle & aunt with whom I stayed got a new name – “ Kattupakkam Couple”..!

…by evening, phone calls started pouring in. That is when I started realizing that it was indeed a very important decision which I took in life! I felt the world is gonna be a different place here after!! Parents, relatives, friends.. all my dear ones were so happy for me!! I was happy that I was gonna get a new room mate in life, the course of study is not gonna get over, so we will stick on forever!!! In 3 words I summed up everything what I have learnt about life: It goes on…!!!!

Good Night & Sleep Tight..!!!

Hmmm, even I have a reason to celebrate.. Come this December 23, it’s been a year since I got engaged!!! In 365 days, several hundred thousand things happen in the world. Not all of them matter to me; but a few things definitely do!


Anonymous said...

Later only he said he was thinking of some prank sitting beside his sister;-)


Divya Rajiv said...

wooo....well said:)

Deepak said...

I'm sure you've heard this several times before... You are amazing! There is never a dull moment reading your blog :)

A Simple Pendulum said...

Not sure how I missed this, Shalini. Usually when I read blogs, I start from the oldest. Somehow I had missed reading this.

Good that I have left many more unread here. I can come back and feel refreshed once in a while. :) You are one of my favourite "authors". Don't want to call you a blogger. :)

What Deepak (your friend who commented above) said is so true. "There is never a dull moment reading your blog." :)

A Simple Pendulum said...

Oops. I signed in with a wrong ID. This is Pyari, btw.

A Simple Pendulum said...

Oops. I signed in with a wrong ID. This is Pyari, btw.

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