Email Trail

An email conversation I had with one of my colleagues in our neighborhood.

Subject: Awkward Question

Hi Shalini,

I know this is very embarrassing. But I cannot help L For the past one hour I have been composing this email; I’m still hunting for words. I really don’t know how you will take this. However, for professional reasons, I am forced to ask you this. Please try to understand my situation... Hope you will not take this as a work place harassment!

So, here is my question: Which type are you - boy or girl? I am so unfamiliar with Indian names, that I cannot even make a wild guess.

Thanks & Regards,
Yuan Chow

Seeing the subject line, I was both curious and nervous to open the email. But reading it which ends with the sender's name, I was first reminded of menu card in a Chinese restaurant!! I, who think too high of my name, couldn’t believe that in spite of exchanging so many emails with her for more than a year, she couldn't yet make out my 'type'! :P Anyways, I decided to reveal my gender indirectly. Here is what I wrote back.

Subject: RE: Awkward Question

Hello Yuan Chow,
I belong to the category of Aishwarya Rai J


After clicking the send button, I felt she would have thought I am boasting of my looks, comparing myself to Ashu! I seriously regretted trying to be funny!

Subject: RE: Awkward Question

Sorry to ask again Shalini, I didn’t get you when you said A.Rai category! You mean... errr!!! Please make it clear!

That definitely is insulting the women in India… not knowing ‘what’ Aishwarya Rai is! Also, letting thoughts go wild! What would she have meant when she said "errr..."? So this time, I decided to keep it simple and "straight"! 

Subject: RE: Awkward Question

Yuan Chow,
I am a girl and so is Aishwarya Rai. If you are wondering who she is, she is just another girl like me; by mistake I mentioned her in my previous mail.
Have a wonderful day. Bye…


I have written many sarcastic blog posts, making fun of my friends and others having witty names! Never had I thought, I will get it back from somebody across the border, who doesn’t even know me! :P :P


Shiva said...

ROFL!!! Aishwarya Rai category!!! :D

Prathima said...

"I was first reminded of menu card in a Chinese restaurant!!"
-- Ditto!! LOL, btw, how did you come to know it is a she?:)
Wonder why all these funny stuff happen to you!:)

Haddock said...

Now I am more confused.
After reading your reply, I was trying to figure out how you figured out that Yuan Chow is a she and not a he ?

Harish said...

Lol.. that was funny.

Haree said...

Ha ha ha...
Only when I read "...so many emails with her for more than a year..."; then only I came to know that Yuan Chow is a girl. :D Hay, are you sure? :p

You could have give an hyperlink to 'Aishwarya Rai' in your mail; may be to her wiki page or Google image search!

Vidya said...

Have faced it too!! u should have sent the tongue out photo of yours.....lol

Anita :) said...

Agree to the comment above... Yuan Chow is a girl ! ? wow. Sounds like a chinese dish to me :D

The wild said...

Funny ,good one :)

blunt edges said...

LOL!! God indeed gave it back!!

And why is that I can't see the comment I posted on 'Rendezvous'? :(

$$ said...

Blogger problem continued. And these comments got deleted! Here they are:

Shiva - ROFL!!! Aishwarya Rai category!!! :D

Prathima - "I was first reminded of menu card in a Chinese restaurant!!"
-- Ditto!! LOL, btw, how did you come to know it is a she?:)
Wonder why all these funny stuff happen to you!:)

Haddock - After reading your reply, I was trying to figure out how you figured out that Yuan Chow is a she and not a he ?

D.Nambiar said...

I love your sense of humour when u came out with your A.Rai answer. Too bad your friend there doesn't know her GK. That woman is still known as the most beautiful woman in the world.

Hilarious post. Love it.

( he hee...menu card? LOL)

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. u must hav been surprised.. lol !!

Deepak said...

Seriously? Aiswarya Rai, of all people. :D Kashtam! She is known as the "most beautiful woman in the world" probably only to Indians.

Tan said...

It seems you always land up in funny situations lik ethese :D

$$ said...

@ all, who asked how I guessed Yuan is a girl -- I have been interacting with her for about a year now; in most of her emails, she adds a lot of smilies and also attaches teddies and roses for any of our team mates' b'days. Hence I assumed Yuan is a girl. Now that many of you have asked, I have my own doubts! :P :P

@ Harish - :)

@ Haree - yes yes... I should have done that!

@ Vidya - may be I will add that in my email signature

@ Anita - i cannot agree more! 2 plates of Yuan Chow!!!!

@ The wild - Thanks :) :)

@ blunt edges - so sorry dear! I have no clue why! blogger for acting weird for a few days; during then, a couple of comments just vanished! I have anyways pasted it again!

$$ said...

@ Shiva - yes, Ash category... rather deepika category. u will agree more to latter, i know! :)

@ Prathima - i don't know prathima, why it has to happen to me, always! :P :P

@ Haddock - special interpreting skills! :P (refer the previous comment! :)

And guys - extremely sorry! due to blogger error, your comments got deleted; please don't think that I have deleted them!


$$ said...

@ D.Nambiar - thanks chechi!

@ amusingveracity - ..and shocked!

@ Tan - haha.. i know!

Now Serving said...

lolz! that was super funny! Nice to go to bed with a smile on my face :)

cheers, Priya

phatichar said...

Wonderful..this when your name's pretty much feminine. Imagine if you had a name such as Kamal, or Kiran. What then?

Cute, humorous post..will return for more. Donno how I came here, tho'. Glad i did. :-)

Anonymous said...

hahaha, aishwarya rai just another girl like you? lady, i really like your sense of humor...


Insignia said...

Super :) Two things

1. Why Ash out of every other Indian women?

2. Ash is a lady just like you. Oh my! Icing on the cake. :)

$$ said...

@ priya - really?! i am glad that i could bring u a smile! :)

@ phatichar - welcome to my blog!

@ preeth - why not?! our professions are different, otherwise i dont see major differences! :P :P :P

@ Insignia - Thought she is the probable Indian lady known to most of the foreigners! may be I should have said Sonia Gandhi!

Pythoroshan said...

Aishwarya Rai category ?? Wow..i had so many funny comments to make on that one but i see everyone else above me has beaten me to the punchline :)

Bikramjit said...

he he he :) well had you written that email to me with A.Rai .. I would have had difficulty knowing who is this A Rai:)


Neha said...

ah, interesting example! Ms. Rai would be feeling on top of the world all over again after getting a mention in that e-mail that travelled across miles!

sm said...

ash catagory
enjoyed reading the exchange of mails

Nacha said...

Rofl! :D Agree with Vidya, you should have sent her the toungue out photo if yours!

The Layman said...

Interesting anecdote :)

Aishwarya V said...

ha ha! excellent experience! Especiallythe word 'Type'
btw how did you know what 'type' Yuan Chow was? :)

youth4equality said...

Hey SS..
just came across your blog on a friend's list..
Really liked d way u write..
keep writin... :)

lizz said...

I belong to the category of Aishwarya Rai ?????
that was too much of masala.... :P
good one...

$$ said...

@ Pythoroshan - :) :) :)

@ Bikramjit - may be i shud try sending such an email to u :P

@ Neha - yeah yeah... lucky aishwarya! ;)

@ Nacha - :P :P

@ The Layman - Thanks! :)

@ Aishwarya V - ...by her email language. She uses lots of smilies and "Hehehees" and "hahahaaas" ;)

@ youth4equality - thanks a ton and welcome to my blog! BTW, that was a very encouraging comment!

@ Lizz - danks loose!

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