If you think this picture was shot at Thrissur Pooram*, you are mistaken …big time!
Or, if you think somebody is giving away something for free here, even then you are wrong!

Well, it is just another silly hypermarket in Bangalore, close to my house! When I get bored, I keep committing the same mistake! What? I add to the chaos. How? I go there and shop! Why? To collect the most unimportant things. Then? I crib and cry looking sadly at my empty wallet!

Now, is there a solution to my problem? Yes… but only if one fine day God surprises Bangaloreans with a beach! Instead of Forum Mall, a beach! Wow...!! Lovely, isn’t?! And I wish if it also has lots of kappalandi-walas**!

* Thrissur Pooram
** Peanut-sellers


Harish said...

A beach... one thing that i really miss in bangalore.

Rohan said...

Mm. . I dont think a beach in d middle of blor vl be any less crowded dan forum mall!! But den again the maximum you can buy in a beach is fried kadala!! :-D

Prateek Sur said...

come to chennai..all the same things will be there along with the beach..but know wat u'll get bored of the beach..but shopping in the malls can neva get u bored wen u have a gf wit ur side..!!
try checking out my blog and commenting on the posts..am following u so i hope someday u'll return the favour!!

Haree said...

If there is no power in my house, I used to visit these malls. If there is some attractive offers, I may purchase something. Sometimes being there in the crowd is refreshing.

OT: Just an update, check Nishchalam! :)

Haddock said...

All these are ways and means to empty your pocket.
Most of end up buying things which we don't want.

Swaram said...

LOL Adding to that chaos does give us a high no ;)

Nt sure if I want a beach though :P I will lose one of my bahanas for a holiday then ;)

anoop said...

the market really looks hyper and chaotic; I try to shop at the non-descript street side shop as much as possible.
btw, your blogroll link still links to my old blog ;) time to change!

$$ said...

@ Harish - seriously!

@ Rohan - yeah; u can still smile ay your wallet! :)

@ Prateek - I am talking about clean beaches, unlike the one in Chennai!

@ Haree - The photographer is back in action & I am glad. Loved the new template! :)

@ Haddock - Seriously, 7 out of the 10 things I buy are mostly not very essential!

@ Swaram - that was hilarious! for ur bahamas, may be I can compromise on the beach idea in b'lore ;)

@ Anoop - yeah... that is the next thing I am gonna do! :) BTW, I loved the Mysore pics! Stunning, they are!

Abhilash said...

An artificial beach with entry fee and expensive beverages/snacks, bur wallet will still be empty :)

$$ said...

I like the former part of the idea; but not the latter one!

Shiva said...

You should visit chennai more often...it will give you two options where wallet is not required - Beach and Temples :)

dr.antony said...

You remind me of my younger days. We had a Municipal Chairman,who was illiterate,but wealthy.While he was in charge,he did some,clean up and developments on a neglected park and a nearby lake.And then he arranged a big inagural function,invited film stars and some dignitaries.
During the inagural address he said..."It was a long standing ambition for people of this place to have a beach. Madras has a beach,Bombay has one,so why not our town?.I am happy to dedicate this beach to the pople of..."

Meety said...

Beach!!! yeah.. daz a lovely wish darling

Abhilash Pillai said...

A beach... dont know much about banglore... but you can try visiting Kerala for a beach... :)

$$ said...

@ Shiva - temples, yes of course in TN. But i don't prefer the beaches there, at least in Chennai!

@ dr.antony - Lol... I am reminded of mammotty in Azhagiya Ravanan!

@ Abilash - yeah, i love them! :)

മേഘമല്‍ഹാര്‍(സുധീര്‍) said...


Seema said...

the great hypercity mall yest its more like thrissur poram in itself everyone is moving around cluelessly indeed.
I plan to take Sid today to the big shopping mall as per this terms

Bikramjit said...

THats a good idea actaly a beach in bangalore but then dont you think it will be chaos there tooo with everyone going there instead he hehehe :)

but a good thought though

$$ said...

@ Sudhir – A wide Smiley at you too!!! :)

@ Seema – This pic was also taken at Hyper City! So, did u take Sid to the big mall?

@ Bikram – That is a potential problem; yet… will not be locked indoors, na?!

sPs said...

these malls were our common get-together spot in bglr!! it is the only and most perfect place were friends can join, could talk a lot, make lot fun without much money loss..the mall ambiance also give a rich atmosphere even if we didn't have 5Rs for tea!..we friends spent lot days their in Forum, Garuda Mall etc before getting a good job! we had great fun there!!

No beach or park could replace these malls!!at-least for us!! :))

sPs said...


forgot to mention!! u wrote very well!! guess no need to mention that..every time u r writing superb!! guess, its worth mentioning only wen ur post is not good!! so i am waiting!! ;))

$$ said...

Oh! Thanks u so much! That was really inspiring!

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