Misfired, Escaped!

Pintu and Dundu are neighbourhood kids. One evening, both of them were fighting in the courtyard, while we were all being onlookers... mere onlookers! Comes running, Dundu's mom to solve the problem and hence restore peace! 

Mom: How many times do I have to ask you brats to not fight?
Pintu: Don’t blame me… I just finished my prayers and was walking by …while she threw a stone at me from her house. But, I don’t have any proof cos I cannot even find that stone now!!! L
Mom: How dare you do that, Dundu?
That is not true Amma… listen to what happened.
Mom: Hmmm?
Dundu: I was just trying to chase a wicked dog cat away, which was troubling our little chicks. Not in my wildest dreams I imagined it would hit Pintu. Please forgive me Pintu… Sorry!
Pintu: But how is that possible?
Dundu: You know right, I am a big time sheep chick lover!
Pintu: Then, where is the stone? 

We onlookers: Where? Why? Who? How?

After 2 days:

I trust Dundu. Her love for animals (dogs and cats are not included) is reflected in the stone which she threw! It travelled at more than 11.2 km/sec thus escaping even earth’s gravitational field! Hope you remember the theory of ‘Escape Velocity’. You see, we have no other option but to believe scientific facts, solid facts!  

Moral of the story: Are you Mr. Popular? Then, not only ‘Escape Velocity’, even Vasco-da-Gama can help you escape from mysterious situations, sealing media mouths!

All the characters in the above post are fictitious! Any resemblance to anybody residing in Bangalore or in any other parts of India is purely coincidental. Any doubts?! J


Sigma said...

Now I guess I know that person residing in B'lore ;-)
Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi!!!

Vidya said...

funny....paavam tintu...
and i pity the dogs and cats too!!lol

Swaram said...

So, I hv got to become popular nw :P

$$ said...

@ Sigma - May be... may be not! :P

@ Vidya - Victim Tintu! :)

@ Swaram - We all have to... u see, survival of the fittest!

Anonymous said...

Terrific post! Amazing - how u mix ur masala to current issues!
Moral of the story is indeed the moral, which we Indians learn every now and then!


Nona said...

Now, I need to go back to school to learn "Escape Velocity"! :)

Bikramjit said...

ha ha ha ha again ... hm the question is how to become popular .. idea hai mere paas .. I should come back to india after 4 -5 years with long hair .. UK WAALE BABA ji .. that shud do the trick what say :)

$$ said...

@ Preeth - thank u, thank u, thank u!

@ Nona - getinto ur school uniform once again! It will be fun! ;)

@ Bikramjit - What an idea Sirji! :)

Anonymous said...

Sri Sri Pintu! :P :P


Harish said...

Smart one....wow..

Pesto Sauce said...

Resemblances not only in Bangalore but many other places already found

Reflections said...

heeeheeeee heeee hawhawhaw.....simbly suber;-D

p.s: Ummm.....errr...what is escape velocity????

blunt edges said...

now isn't dundu the smartest!!!

Destiny's child... said...

Er..yes..yes...I ahve a doubt...I mean, wasn't this inspired from a true incident? I really have seen mom's like that! ;)

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