When a name actually matters…

Isn’t amazing to see Chinese folks eat noodles? Indeed exceptional these people are; rather interestingly peculiar!! When you can comfortably and neatly handle it with a fork, why do you want to make ‘even eating’ look complicated by using chopsticks? God… what all Chinese kids go through – they not only have to get potty trained, but also should get chopstick trained!!

Let me come to the point; have you ever tried to find out the similarities between Chinese and Malayalis? Well, here is my finding - Apart from both being ruled by the left, they have really long tongue twister names! …like Lamonjanae Tinwing Shosha and Melepparambil Kunhikannan Nayanar.

Now, this happened few years back. At an event hosted by our company where the invitees were from China and India, we were all getting introduced to each other during the ice breaking session.

Passionately following ‘Athiti Devo Bhava’, we let our neighbors get started off...

I am Zhenbang-Feng-Mei; but you may call me Zef.
The next person, “I am Chijian-Shaozu; you may call me Chizu.
Next, “Hi, I am Wang-Yungching-Chin, my friends call me Wang Chin.

…while our friend Mr. Navaneethakrishnan Balagopapalan who hails from Ottappalam is wondering from the corner of the room, “Oh My God… I am the first to go amongst desis. And I do not have a duplicate name like them. Is it mandatory to have a backup, even for our own name? How come my history teacher never taught me that China not only has the Great Wall but Chinese also have two names? Even otherwise, they don’t teach what actually is required in life! Grrr…!!! Now, should I tell them that my mom calls me “Thakkudu”, and that is my nick name?”

Navaneethakrishnan started foreseeing and analyzing the situation in his head. Finally he arrived at the conclusion - Thakkudu is old-fashioned and so, girls may find it funny! He definitely has a point. After all, why should a name be the villain between hot chicks and our poor Thakkudu, right?  

He smartly and confidently said, “Hello my dear friends from India and China… I am Navaneethakrishnan Balagopapalan. However, I am known as "November". You may also call me so...”

Vijay, Anand, Vidya, Geetha, Rajan, Rahul, Rajeev, Sajeev, Vinay, Vinod…. All desis gathered in the room curiously looked at him, to make sure Navaneethakrishnan Balagopapalan is actually not a Chinese in disguise!

Bangaloreans - Take Monday off and enjoy the loooong weekend! :)
Ugadi Aashamsakalu in advance! 


Nona said...

Fast thinking by November. :)

Happy Ugadi

Anonymous said...

Hilarious :) .Can understand the panic situation poor chap has faced.
so don't feel like laughing at him :)

Shij said...

hahahahaha.......:( :(
hahahahahaha...... :( :( :(

Dr Roshan R said...

Reminded me of my own idiocy once : was walking down a hall in 1st yr MBBS and a raher strict anatomy professor walks by and then turns and calls me - "YOU !! ARE U FROM DENTAL ?"
I replied "No, Sir.. I'm from MENTAL."
I meant to say "No, Sir.. I'm from medical".. but my usual flustered self could only go into rhyme mode.. sigh. sufficed to say he never had a good opinion of me after that !!

$$ said...

@ Nona - Thank You! :)

@ Anish - Hehehe, okie lemme try to control my laughter! ;)

@ Shij - Why is the laughter followed by sad faces?

@ Dr Roshan - First and the following few impressions are the best impressions! :)

Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me of the book 'Good Earth' by Pearl.S.Beck. I came to know of china through her books. Wanglung, Olan etc etc...

Haddock said...

I always wondered about the origin of the chopsticks. Was it because there were no "spoons and forks" or was it that hands were dirty.

Tan said...

hehe... really funny post!!!

just reminded me of a day in school when a new teacher asked me "What is your name?" and when I replied to it she heard me as 'Chemistry' instead of 'Tanushree'and the whole class of 45 had a hearty laugh :D :D :D

$$ said...

@ maithreyi - may be i shud get my hands on the book.

@ Haddock - hahaha, may be! ;)

@ Tan - Tanushree / Chemistry!! Nice! :)

Anonymous said...

Navaneethakrishnan.... so, does such a guy really exist?! Just out of curiosity - did this actually happen?


Anonymous said...

hahaha :)) that was too funny girl! :) November.. lol

$$ said...

@ Preeth - Yes, it did happen. But he abbreviated his name to 'December' and his name was lil different from Navaneethakrishnan! :) :)
If I give his original name here, probably he will murder me! ;)

@ evanescentthoughts - :) :)

Divya Rajiv said...


$$ said...

@ Divya Rajiv - I admire that, ur smile and laugh which goes on.. kakakakakkkkaaaaa! :)

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