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Once upon a time, we were in brown & white and canvas shoes. We lived in it for 14 years! But today, colorful clothes and sneakers have invaded our lives! However, my smiles are the widest at the thought of those good old days!  

Ten years back, we discussed cricket matches and class tests. Partying at Appoos over an ice cream that cost 30 rupees was considered to be a celebration. Today, we sip coffee from the next door Coffee Day and talk more about coding and job-hopping. Sharing those chocolaty ice creams bought by pooling money was more joyful than fussing over over hyped cappuccino. Isn’t it?

Those days, we were tensed about getting answer papers signed by our parents. Today, we are worried about rising EMI and petrol prices. How silly we were then; they were not problems at all; now we realise. 
An unexpected candy could excite us then; but today, we are not content with what we have. We are still figuring out, what we really want in life! 

A decade back, we were a bunch friends leading a carefree life celebrating every moment. Today we are in a race against time. However I am glad that nothing has done any harm to our friendship; the ship still sails happily!

Yeah; one more post on friendship…!! How can I not record this? This Saturday was so special, in fact one of the most beautiful days so far this year!

About twenty of my batch mates in school got together at a restaurant in Bangalore and we let ourselves forget the present and go back in time, to those wonderful years of the past! We
held onto the things we treasure a lot, the things which we never want to lose – memories!

Life’s little joys are magical at times. It could easily make you the happiest person on earth! Like at one point in life, we found happiness and excitement in running around the big mango tree, cheering for Hamsa Geeth, Rag, Nad and Dwani, laughing at the one who got caught 
peeping into neighbor’s test paper, crushing pappads in the canteen amidst the aroma of sambar, holding back the giggle listening to vice-principal’s gyan at morning assembly, celebrating birthdays giving coffee-toffees and bondas to friends, admiring the flower carpets during Onam celebrations followed by enjoying the delicious payasam served …and my list goes on and on and on! Oh, those days were so lovely! 

When we met again, we recalled all those wonderful moments and also shared what we have been up to in the last ten years. Love stories came from the most unexpected guys. Like this fellow - once a silent back bencher, narrated his eventful tale where he at last won the consent of his parents and the girl’s family after much drama and hungama! Cheers and kudos to you, my dear buddy, on behalf of all of us! J 

Friends, we really rock! Wishing everybody the best in life for the journey ahead; Keep Smiling J

Are you also a proud Chinmayan? Then… post in your thoughts here about memories of school life. Even if you are not, you are always welcome to share your mind!


lostworld said...

Brings back memories from my college days. Gosh..the good old days. But re-unions after so many yrs are simply priceless aren't they?! ;)

Sigma said...

"Today we are wives or husbands or mommies or dads or boyfriends or girlfriends or fianc├ęs" How could you 4get the happy single souls like me Mohith and Bachan?? too bad ...

But then again, chinmaya days were and will always remain the best and the most cherished days of my life!! Nothing can beat it :-)

Anonymous said...

pooling money was more joyful than fussing ..How true ..sigh
what I really want in life...No one knows that..if you can find that, then you are a blessed one
Such a nostalgic post...loved it...cheers to you guys friendship.
I'm in touch with hardly very few school mates.I studied in a residential college,so i'm more closer with them

P.S : So you are a Chinmayan huhh...There is a chinmaya school(coimbatore) near to my college i studied.We used call those students broiler chickens coz we hardly seen them out in those four years.Anyways that is a diffrent story :P

$$ said...

@ lostworld - Yeah, indeed priceless!

@ Sigma - Sorry Stigs, forgive me ;) I am making the edits here:
We also have gals and guys who are single, yet ready to mingle!

@ anishthomas - Thanks a lot! :)I am a total Chinmaya product as I spent 14 years there! :)...n like I mentioned in the post it was so much fun! Thanks to social networking sites, we are in touch with many of them!

And, we don't belong to the 'broiler chicken' category; instead considered ourselves to be all rounders! Heheh, you see confidence oozing out?! ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! Damn cute! :)
I am not a proud Chinmayan. But, how I wish...
If you weren't amongst such lovely people, these beautiful blogs can never take birth. How I envy you...

- Preeth

Haddock said...

That is true.
When old chums get together, the present is forgotten and we live in the past (even if its for a short time)

Shiva said...

"Even an unexpected candy could excite us then; but today, hardly we are content with what we have! And I’m still figuring out, what I really want in life!" - so so true!!

A very sweet post :)

I remember running out with the lunch boxes to get to sit under the shade of our favorite tree. This memory, I know not why, pops up whenever I think of my school days. That is a school which still has its huge ground and trees and we ate under their shade.

Later I traveled by local trains during higher secondary. Nothing can ever beat those 2 years :)

Jayesh George said...

This one was sentimental...but nice....just reminded me of my college re-unions....

$$ said...

@ Preeth - Thanks Preeth; and true... i have lotsa beautiful people around me!

@ Haddock - Yeah, distance and time just gets dissolved when in the company of good old friends!

@ Shiva - Thanks! :) For anybody, school days - the days of innocence are dear!

@ Jayesh George - Thanks Jayesh, for stopping by and posting a comment.

Aparna said...

shalini Excellent write up & i think i knw you frm premanad sir tuition class,mayb u dnt rem me :)his class missed frm ur memories..:)brown & whites outsde and scattered near holy angels..i still rem, will be a regular visitor 4rm now on..Cheers!!!!

Dr Roshan R said...

Oh man.. if you ask like that, too many memories.. Being the first seniors in the new school.. having to be the guinea pig batch for the striped shirts [ Hamsa Rag , that too.. macho PINK stripes :S ], the pranks, fun times with Sunil Sir ( including being taken by him for a movie on the day before his own class test !! ).. Mostly, it was the great times with the gang. Just hanging around, pulling each others legs, the post-school trip to City Panoose ( is that still there ? Its been ages since I've walked around Kannur !! ).
Sigh.. Good times. Ur post reminded me of one I'd written awhile ago.. I'll DM you the link

Bullshee said...

Meh...all my school people were quite normal.

The crazy duffers, whom I love are those I met during my Undergrad...

But it's really nice you got a chance to reconnect with all your old friends...

R. Ramesh said...

reunions...vallah..u have said everything yar...nothing more to add..good wishes friend..:)

$$ said...

@ Aparna - Thanks buddy... and Welcome to my blog!
..n ur blog is just awesome! I have decided to test an easy recipe tomorrow itself!

@ Roshan - Oh, that s funny. And anything is fair with Sunil sir!
Hahaha... n good that u wore those pink shirts before Karan Johar even thought of Dostana! :P
Panoos - even I have not gone that side since years!! :(

@ Bullshee - yeah, it was good to connect with friends once again! Long Live all the friendships in the world! :)

@ Ramesh - Thanks You! :)

nikila said...

Ten years back, we discussed scoring marks in exams and considered partying at Appoos...
For a sec you took me back to those days.. Nostalgic!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

wow !!

real good 1 !

Am not a Chinmayan, but have similar stories to add however :)

$$ said...

@ Nikhila - Good to hear from you, Nikki... after so so long! :) When u visit India next time, come to B'lore; we will meet again! :)

@ Deepa - Thanks Deepa, and welcome to my space! :) Please share your stories as well..

Sandhya Rahul said...

shaaalu our school days are well narrated here ...and good to know all our friends and batch mates are doing well.. lets all continue to keep our institution proud !!

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