Penned with Love

How long has it been since you wrote a letter? -A letter on paper with a pen, which was then mailed in an envelope bearing a stamp? More likely, it would have been a while, right?

A handwritten letter is definitely a treat to receive. Someone makes you feel so special by taking time to sit down and put his thoughts across - just for you! My close friends who remember my birthday used send their wishes by post! …A lovely handpicked greeting card with a hand written note, sealed in an envelope with a five-rupee stamp stuck on it – I don’t think my birthday can be made more precious and memorable in any other way!

…Gone are those days!! E-mail has sadly taken over the pleasure of receiving and sending letters and greeting cards. These days most of us receive only silly one-liners sent out from outlook typed without the slightest interest or concern.

However, last week my face lit up when my best; no – bestEST friend sent me a greeting card on Friendship Day; in fact I received one after a long long time! Perhaps she doesn’t realize how overjoyed I was and how it has brightened up my day!

My Dear Friend,

Even with all the words of our language
And with the breadth of sky and sea,
I still can’t express what you mean to me!

Together with my dearie friend, so many memories made; …and so many yet to make!


Tyrant said...

Even for my B'day I used to get "xx sends you greetings from 123greetings.com" and I do the same.

Now the question is, are we sending any cards to our friends? No. Why? Going to Archies shop, buy the card then to post office, post it... Headache. Now Greeting sites, its just another tab in your browser while you check your mails. Easy.

But I do agree with your opinion. Whenever I get a card, I keep it as precious gift in my personal collections.

Preeti Shenoy said...

Oh yes! I too love hand written letters. I too got one some time back and I treasure it.
Lovely friendship message.

Shalini Surendran said...

Thanks Tyrant and Preeti! :)

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