You are being watched – 24X7!!

Since last two days, I am moving around with my head slightly tilted to the left!!! Ask me why?! ….cos apparently, the imagination sector on my (and your!!!) brain is to the right side. So reducing blood on the right (of my million dollar brain) will help me slow down the imagination gush!!!

Hold on; …before you think I have gone totally crazy!

After watching bits and pieces of a movie last week end, I got paranoid – Really paranoid about my privacy; …about my anonymity! It was a very creepy movie, where everyone was being traced on cameras - everywhere!! They were caught while they were in their bedrooms at home, while they were having confidential meetings in their office, while picking drinks for the evening from a super market, even while secretly romancing with their girl friends on the farthest beach - none of them were spared anywhere!! From then, I have been weaving my notions into an uncanny blanket of illusions.

Now, how do I explain my thought process?

I realize; it is in fact very difficult to express what it's like to have paranoid thoughts. They are absolutely bizarre. As absurd as they are, they have a tenacious hold which defies argument. They are thoughts which seem wedded to feelings of fanatical intensity, rather than to explanations.

Even now, when I type out this blog, I feel there is somebody watching my monitor! At home, I check behind the doors and under the cot; in office I check for hidden cameras in the walk ways and above my cube; in a shop, I am scared to use their trial rooms! In spite of knowing that somebody whom I even don’t know can read my email, index my blogs, track what I'm searching for and the sites I visit, I have no choice but to continue using gmail, yahoo or hotmail! Sadly I comprehend - nothing in life is private anymore!

Aren’t these genuine concerns? Whatever the moral rules are to justify these, everybody has a right to his/her privacy. At any given time we are taped by umpteen number of surveillance cameras. So, is the underlining fact that we are getting too paranoid that the world is following us everywhere?

Like somebody said, “Only the Paranoid Survive!” Hence I am glad - there is no reason for me to worry at all!


Guruprasad said...

this is my first time here, as you obviously know :P
and i was so amazed that we are truly living in such a small world!

btw. which movie was this? would like to watch it... sounds interesting

Guruprasad said...

pls send me your email id or write to me at ckguruprasad@gmail.com

Deepak said...

Did you watch Enemy of the state.. :)

Shalini Surendran said...

Deepak - 10 on 10 to you!

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