Jai Ho - The ‘ 1 Million’ Dollar Word

John: These days I find Mabeline a little mobama-ish!!

Philip: True; may be ‘cos she managed to stroll out of her Zombie Bank.
John: Oh..!
Jai Ho; Jai Ho!!! So, what is she up to now? But I heard she was fired for sexting?!

Philip: She has started her own Cuddies company with the help of her Phelpsian boy friend!

“Huh... What has happened to Mabeline?”

If you were not able to make sense out of John’s and Philip’s conversation, I say – you are not updated. It’s hi time you bring in changes to your dialogues by welcoming the newest words added to the dictionary recently.

Interestingly, last month, there was a race between words to be the one millionth word to be added to the English dictionary. Amongst 73 participants, the most popular contenders for the competition were Jai Ho, Mobama, Web 2.0, Slumdog, Phelpsian, Cuddies, Sexting and Zombie-Bank.

Wanna know what each of them means?

Jai Ho! - Victory to You / Accomplishment

Mobama - Relates to the fashion sense of the US First Lady
Web 2.0 - Next generation of World Wide Web products and services
Phelpsian - Triumph of Michael Phelps at the Beijing Olympics
Zombie Banks - Banks that would be dead if not for government intervention
Cuddies - Ladies' underwear
Slum dog - Comment upon those residing in the slums of India
Sexting Sending email or text messages with sexual content

…and if you think somebody is being partial in ranking the words, you are mistaken. The words are chosen based on a variety of statistics including the number of occurrences on the internet, in global print and range of other places it is used throughout the world.

However, the word that found its place at the one millionth place is Web 2.0 by winning the highest score in all the specified categories. But, we Indians who believe ‘1’ is the sacred number, can proudly say Jai Ho is the one millionth first word in dictionary.


Anonymous said...

That is a piece of info, interestingly put! Jai Ho!


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