Cycle of Problems

The history of terrorism in the country was being re-written by a group of highly trained and provoked LeT terrorists from Pakistan, when the city of Mumbai was attacked. To kill nine of them and capture just one, it took 60 longs hours at the cost of 20 security personnel and 300 innocent lives! Is 20:10 a fair ratio?

The funerals are over, politicians have resigned, from the front page, news has started taking space in the inner pages.. from today it’s a fresh work week and people have started getting back to normalcy! Yet.. the truth remains the same: (sadly) we have lost the battle against terrorism! Slipup in the whole system?? Whatever the reason be, we were not able to foresee and hamper the terror attack. We are still not sure if there are any more terrorists walking in the streets of Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi or any other cities of India.

Not always Indian soldiers and encounter specialists become heroes! We wait for something like this to occur to acknowledge them. We become patriotic when we listen to “Jana Gana Mana” in “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham”, we become patriotic when we watch “Chak De India” or when India beat Pakistan in a cricket match. There is no shortage of patriotism in our country. But, do you know that there is a shortage of officers in the armed forces? Why?

Is the risk to life the only reason? No!!! We see thousands of youngsters line up for auditions to get selected for do-or-die reality shows. Youth of today are daring; at the same time very ambitious. The armed forces, unfortunately is not a desirable career choice for many; I would say low remuneration is the primary reason!!

I was shocked to find out the salary scheme of the army officers! The maximum salary of a Lieutenant is ONLY 10,000 rupees a month, while that of a Captian, Major, Colonel or Brigadier ranges from Rs 11500 to Rs 19,000! We are living in an era where a call center professional just after Class 12 easily earns Rs 15,000! Let me ask the same question, which every Indian asks, “Where is all our tax money going?”

The NSG (National Security Guard) has completed more than two decades in rendering momentous service to the nation. The commandoes go through vigorous period of training to equip themselves in situations of emergency. But, after all these they are made to guard politicians. Is that a necessity?! In India, security is provided to high-risk individuals depending on the threat perception to the person. Being placed in a category (which ranges from Z+ to X) is viewed as a status symbol by politicians, and many use their power to secure a Z+ security cover.

Only Prime Ministers, Presidents or former Prime Ministers deserve to avail the luxury of being guarded by SPG (Special Protection Group). If so, how do Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka fall in that category? When Mayawati moves around, she is escorted by an army of at least 350 policemen and an assortment of 34 vehicles! Her latest proposal is to have a helipad built right across the CM's house. However, submissive people in the country don’t blink an eye at spending millions on worthless politicians.

The government is inclined to function in a customary manner and modern equipments are often found only on paper. The lack of integral assets which is meant to possess rapid mobility for organizations like NSG is a major hitch, requiring prompt attention. At Taj, about hundred fire fighters were sent in.. with just two bullet proof jackets!!! Awful…!!! All this has been evident for ages now, but government shows interest in only those matters which will positively affect their ballot boxes.

Let me abruptly stop here, screaming at the accountable people: “Wake up….!!!!”


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