Kerala: “Whose” own Country?

Kerala is not God’s own country! …and never it was! It is a country ruled by selfish parasites who are least interested in public welfare. A state of 29 million puppets who dance to the tunes of irresponsible and malicious politicians!   

People of the 'most-literate' state however work only for 2 weeks (or slightly more) a month. Rest of the days is forced holidays, which is meant for leisure at home. Are the people really fond or “hartals”? After all, it is an unexpected break from work in the middle of a week!!

What is “Hartal”?
When Bandh was banned by High Court of Kerala and later by Supreme Court, Hartal has taken the meaning of Bandh. Previously, it meant ‘only’ closure of shops.

The whole state comes to a pause on hartal. Children stay back at home playing cricket on the roads, factories switch off their machines, vehicles including 2 wheelers are off the road, shops remain closed, railway stations and bus stands get stranded, exams, meetings and interviews get postponed or cancelled! People are compelled to sit idle!

Somebody asked me,
“Why is there a hartal in Kerala today?”Shamefully I said, “..cos Saddam Hussain was sentenced to death”. Hartal continued the next day too, opposing the
US President's visit to India. Of all the states how is Kerala, linked to this? Don’t we have better things to be concerned about? Why is the government being such a big coward, rather acting spineless?

If two political parties’ clash (mostly over the most neglectful issue) and if someone is hurt or dead, why should the whole state be held to ransom? Statistics says government employees constitute 3% of the total working population and political party workers constitute only around 0.5%. How can such a narrow section torment rest of the public? In fact, the political leaders are taking away the citizen’s basic rights like freedom to work and freedom of movement. But hartal organizers are never pulled up for the crime!

The percentage of misfortune the strike has imposed to the nation is considered directly proportional to the success of the strike! Generally, a lot of home work is done by the workers to make it a success. Throwing stones at passengers, destroying vehicles and public properties, setting traps on the road, being rude at common man, mocking opposition, etc.. are the activities included in the show! Think of people who are in urgent need of trip, in a state where traveling is considered an offense on this “auspicious” day!

At the end of the day, are we gainers in any way?
“Yes.. Of course!!”

-- Prospective investors who went through the torture of hartals in Kerala chose to invest elsewhere!
-- A single day's closure costs the state an astounding 700 crore Rupees. 
-- Laborers are forced to sacrifice one day’s income for no reason, unlike government servants who enjoy the benefit of “eligible leaves”.
-- Common man, ‘once again’ has become an idiot!

The real recipients, if any, are the state-run liquor shops and the meat stalls which observe thunderous trade on pre-hartal days.

From January 2008 to June 2008, a total of 53 hartals were observed; ie out of 152 working days! Keralites have even witnessed total shut down on “Vishu” (astronomical
New Year’s Day) and even on January 1st! Ah.. What a way to begin a year!

…and we all grin and bear it; we still continue to do so!


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