Beyond Sadness..

I am angry at the whole world because death isn’t a fair thing in life. It disrupts the flow of happiness and comfort! The worst I believe, is when one realizes that he is sinking. The feeling can range from denial, to fear, to guilt, to anger, to sadness and to acceptance. May be that is when he tries to go back to the pages of yesterday and recollect all what he has gone through in life.

He would have been confused about the next world where he will be taken from here. He would have wondered if he will be able to watch his son grow up from far away! He would have prayed and begged before the Lord to protect his family. He would have remembered the days shared with his wife, son, mother, father, brothers, sister, nephews, nieces, friends, neighbors and relatives, ...and would have wished if it repeats all over again!! He would have thanked his near and dear ones with all his heart for the love, support and care. He would also have thought and felt sorry for the mistakes done in the past.

I remember reading this somewhere - That loosing life is almost like being at the beach, standing in the water on a windy day. A wave comes at you and almost knocks you off your feet. You struggle and regain your balance, just in time for the next wave to hit. Over time, the strength of the waves subside and you think your footing is little more secure. Suddenly, out of seemingly no where another large wave hits and you almost loose your balance again.

Almost everyone goes through periods of anger, disapproval and grief after someone they love passes away. We become painfully aware of how fragile life can be, and the reality of death is clearer than ever. We will be worried about the void created in the family with his loss and the unexpected changes that it would bring in. But you should accept that the world isn’t out to get you, and that death did not happen to make you miserable… it just happened, obeying the law of nature or time.

Life is pleasant; death is peaceful and it's the transition that's troublesome. Although death is natural and will happen to all of us someday, being obsessed with and worrying about it can keep us away from the thing we are trying to hold on to - LIFE.

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold, well.


Beautiful Mind said...

during life we think about death and when you die you think about life.My experience is death is a long sleep.In sleep also we are there but we are less aware of what our thoughts are ,our body etc. So death is not an end to itself its another begining and that will also end.YOU WILL COME BACK TO LIFE AGAIN AND AGAIN!

what do you say?

Pyari K said...


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