Mesmerising Number 7

I have always wondered how numbers play a very important role in our lives. We have always feared about marks, rank, money, KRA target, etc… All of them come in figures! Everything on earth is countable – directly or indirectly, which ranges from zero to half to 10 to 100 to million to infinity.

Of all the numbers, why is no 7 very important to Indians? (Apart from it keeps 6 and 8 from falling over!!) Sunday to Saturday is 7 days; the globe is made of 7 continents; rainbow consists of 7 colors; 7 notes make the most melodious song and if I talk like a techie, OSI model consists of 7 layers!

Now, let me have a table of my own 7s!

I love
1) My family & being I
2) Being in love
3) Sandals!
4) Travel
5) Movies
6) Getting pranky with friends
7) Green Lays

Things I want to do before I die

1) Make a film about which people will talk even in the centuries to come :-)
2) Be a cause to educate less-privileged children
3) Learn driving (for me, it’s not silly!)
4) Chat with Abdul Kalam
5) Read and understand entire Mahabharat
6) Have a signature in profession.
7) Get into my old pair of jeans (i donot want to reveal the size!)

I can’t stand
1) Attitude
2) Taste and smell of ghee
3) Boring people / Boring lecture
4) Back-biting
5) Blood shed (not even on TV)
6) Greed
7) ‘That’ girl who made July 2003 miserable for all of us :-(

I will never forget
1) The first day I met Vj
2) “Is this your ancestor’s property?” asked by our vice- principal in school
3) The week after my great-granny passed away
4) The musical get-together with cousins
5) The aroma of the yellow curry grand mom used to cook
6) My dance master
7) My first visit to a pub

Wish if I could
1) Slap George Bush
2) Slaughter all dirty politicians who stop us advance in life
3) “Unlock” Bangalore traffic
4) Sing like Chitra
5) Become popular by solving mysteries
6) Go to and fro with time
7) Meet all the people whom I adore

Hmm...!!! So, what is no 7's role in your life?!


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